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North Platte can meet all of your group tour planning needs.


IMG_5564 SMWhether you’re looking for a quick lunch stop, a comfortable and convenient overnight, or an extended stay, your group will be pleased that you chose North Platte.


Any of these tours can be customized to meet your group needs. Want a mystery tour to tantalize your group? Let us make up an itinerary just for you!



Available Group Tours:

Your group tour for NEBRASKAland DAYS
Any of the itineraries can be combined with NEBRASKAland DAYS activities, including the Buffalo Bill Rodeo and the concert entertainment. NEBRASKAland DAYS 2017 is scheduled for June 14 through 24. The Buffalo Bill Rodeo is June 14 – 17, and Alan Jackson and Dwight Yoakam headlines the concert entertainment on June 23 with up-and-coming superstar Chris Stapleton taking the stage on June 24.
Contact Lauren to see how we can customize an itinerary for your group.
Ag and Culinary Tours
IMG_5548Beef and Wine Tour
With an agricultural heritage second to none, you’ve got to know that Nebraska can host excellent Ag and Culinary tours! We have more cows than people here in Nebraska (by at least three to one!), and Lincoln County’s Feather River Vineyards is the largest in the state. You’ll enjoy learning about both our ag and wine industries, and experiencing delicious samples of each!

July 2011 016Farm Tour
Miller Farms is a third generation farming operation that produces corn, soybeans, wheat, and around 400 head of cattle. This 10,000 acre farm is located just two miles south of North Platte, NE. The location of Miller Farms and the diversity of their operation makes this the perfect farm tour – convenience coupled with innovative agriculture practices.

13179_4584_NLDFridayNEBRASKAland Days
2017 marks the 53rd anniversary of Nebraska’s official state celebration. The scheduled has been condensed down to a jam-packed 11 days – June 14 through 24, and highlighting the festivities are four nights of PRCA rode and appearances by Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam and Chris Stapleton at the Summer Jam Concert Series June 23 & 24. Let us book your group into some of these signature events!

UP 949 RF 2013Rail Days
As home to the world’s largest railroad yard, Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard, it is only fitting that North Platte host one of America’s premiere railroading festivals. The highlight of the North Platte Rail Days is the bus tours through Bailey Yard. Your motorcoach will wind its way through the maze of tracks, trains and equipment while a step-on guide captivates your group with tales of how Union Pacific keeps America moving! Rail Days is a must for your group!


North Platte Canteen at Lincoln County Historical MuseumDirty 30’s Tour
Ah, the good old days! Prohibition… the dust bowl… the depression… and North Platte is sealing its reputation as “Little Chicago” with rampant corruption, bootlegging, gambling and prostitution. The setting for this tour is the Lincoln County Historical Museum, where you’ll meet some of North Platte’s most infamous historical characters as we take a look at our unsavory past.

wildbunch2Ride with the Wild Bunch Group Tour When “Hell on Wheels” rolled into what was to become North Platte in December of 1866, the community’s roots as a wild and wooly frontier town were firmly established. Such characters as Buffalo Bill, General Custer, Wild Bill Hickock and their contemporaries walked our streets and bellied up to our bars. Buffalo Bill created his Wild West Show here and the famed gentleman himself will be on hand to greet your group when you book a Ride with the Wild Bunch tour.

Platform GirlsCanteen Spirit Tour
Some of the most heartwarming stories in North Platte’s history come from the war years and the homefront effort of the World War II Canteen. As Rae Wilson’s letter states “We can help this way when we can’t help in any other way”. Local volunteers made it happen, meeting every single troop train from Christmas Day 1941 through April 1, 1946 and serving over 6 million service men and women. You’ll hear some of their stories, and if possible, meet them in person in this inspiring tour.

Highway 30Highway 30 Tour
The year was 1913, and Carl G. Fisher decided that there should be a transcontinental highway. What is now U.S. Highway 30 eventually became America’s first transcontinental highway, following the heart of the Platte River Valley, a route that had been used by travelers from the time of the earliest Native Americans. You’ll find many of North Platte’s iconic attractions along Highway 30, and there’s even a fully paved section of the original alignment that followed farm-to-market roads in a “stair-step” pattern. Relive the glory days of highway travel with the Highway 30 tour.


Mystery Tours
Golden Spike Tower overlooking Bailey Yard
One Day Mystery Tour
Do your groups love a mystery tour? With all that North Platte has to offer, we can easily customize an itinerary that will keep them guessing – and keep them enthralled and willing to trust you when you say “surprise”, making them your customers again and again. Check out this itinerary for a sampling of what we can squeeze into a single day in North Platte.

FtMcPhersonCemetary_074_RNeibelTwo Day Mystery Tour
Give us two full days and we’ll give you a one-of-a-kind experience in North Platte. Mix and match from all of our wonderful experiences, or throw them all into the mix! We can wander as far south as the Dancing Leaf Earth Lodge, as far east as the Fort McPherson National Cemetery, north into the Sandhills and west to the famed Oregon Trail Ruts. Keep ’em guessing and book a mystery tour to North Platte.