2017 Total Solar Eclipse T-shirt The Nebraska Sandhills were recently named the #4 spot in the nation for experiencing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse by GreatAmericanEclipse.com!

The skies of the great Nebraska Sandhills will be the perfect location to experience the 21 August, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. Festival viewing sites are being planned in the communities of Tryon and Stapleton, where the umbral shadow will make almost a direct hit, experiencing two minutes and 34 seconds of totality. North Platte itself is in a good position to see a lot of the eclipse (a minute and forty seconds at 12:54pm CDT). Starting at about mile marker 152 (between Paxton and Village of Sutherland), the Interstate 80 will be in the path of totality all the way to Lincoln – a distance of 251 miles.

With a 74% probability of favorable viewing conditions, combined with big, dark skies, great western culture and hospitality to experience, and easily accessible highways, the Nebraska Sandhills should be your choice in 2017.

Find out more about experience the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse in the North Platte area by visiting our website http://2017nebraskaeclipse.com/

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The Adventures of Buffalo Bill Have you ever floated a cattle tank down a river? Seen the world’s largest rail yard? Gone to a rodeo? Raced a cowboy on a go-kart? Visited the home of one of America’s most interesting men, Buffalo Bill?
Those are just a few of the activities that you’ll find here in North Platte and there’s plenty here to keep anyone entertained.
Find out just what makes North Platte a special place and see the highlights that have received Buffalo Bill’s coveted Buffalo of Approval.