Travel Bloggers go Tanking

Tanking! Not something you can do just anywhere! Travel Bloggers have discovered the perfect soft adventure - the best way to spend lazy summer days!


Tanking in Nebraska is something that I have had my eyes on for a few years. I recently experienced this true Nebraska experience and let me tell you, it is an over the top experience. Where else can you float down a river in a cattle tank and take in all the beauty that Nebraska has to offer? The North Platte River in North Platte is where my tanking adventure took place.

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The Ultimate River Experience: Tanking In Nebraska

The Midwest is full of new adventures. Did you know that tanking in Nebraska is a thing? People of all ages pile into a cattle tank and float down a river while taking in the views along the shorelines. North Platte happens to be home to the North Platte River, and great tanking adventures begin here.

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Hey, Let’s Go Tanking

Apparently, tanking in Nebraska does not mean driving a tank through a cornfield.

Instead, it’s one of the most interesting experiences you can have in Nebraska. Here’s the situation, you and six-to-eight of your closest friends, get real comfortable together in a cattle water tank, and float down your favorite Nebraska river.

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