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Excellence in Tourism Awards

During the Excellence in Tourism Luncheon scheduled for May 6, 2020 during National Travel and Tourism Week the North Platte Lincoln County Visitors Bureau will be presenting five ‘Excellence in Tourism’ awards. The five categories for ‘Excellence in Tourism’ awards are for employees of Hotels or other lodging establishments, Restaurants or other food service establishments, Events, Attractions, and Retail. In addition to the five Excellence in Tourism awards, Volunteer of the Year and Hero of Tourism awards will be presented.

Travel works for North Platte. Travel works for jobs, for creating family memories, for connecting communities, for our economy, for North Platte, Nebraska and America.

Visitors to our community account for around $110,000,000 in economic activity each year, put nearly 1,400 North Platte residents to work, supporting our friends, neighbors and their families. North Platte households pay $563 LESS each year in state and local taxes for the same level of services because of travel spending in our community.

Beyond the economic benefit, attracting travelers to North Platte allows us to create and sustain events, recreation, attractions, and a larger retail community than we would be able to relying on local spending alone.

Nearly 600,000 visitors make the trip to North Platte each year. What attracts these visitors, keeps them coming back and inspires them to tell their friends to visit North Platte? North Platte’s events and attractions are part of the equation, but the single most important factor in making visitors feel welcome and have a positive experience is excellent customer service.

The nominees for the Excellence in Tourism Customer Service awards will be employees (or volunteers) in any of the above categories within Lincoln County who go above and beyond expectations. Anyone with experience of an employee who exhibits exceptional customer service skills at any of these locations is encouraged to submit an award nomination.

Nominees for Volunteer of the Year will have devoted a significant amount of time to the organization(s) they serve and will have had a lasting impact on the tourism activity upon which the nomination is based. A Hero of Tourism is for an individual, group, business or organization that has made a significant contribution to the tourism industry in Lincoln County.

The nominations are due in the North Platte / Lincoln County Visitors Bureau office by 5:00pm on March 2.

Excellence in Tourism Award Nomination – Service Attraction
Excellence in Tourism Award Nomination – Service Hotel
Excellence in Tourism Award Nomination – Service Restaurant
Excellence in Tourism Award Nomination – Service Event
Excellence in Tourism Award Nomination – Service Retail Outlet
Excellence in Tourism Award Nomination – Volunteer of the Year
Excellence in Tourism Award Nomination – Hero of Tourism

Travel and Tourism Economic Statistics

Group Tourism is a significant segment of the tourism industry for Lincoln County. See the American Bus Association estimates of economic impact of Group Tourism in the following documents

Nebraska Group Tour Economic Impact

Nebraska Third District Group Tour Economic Impact

Lincoln County Nebraska Group Tour Economic Impact