2021 Nebraska Passport North Platte Locations

Visit Lincoln County's Exciting Passport Destinations

The Nebraska Passport Program helps travelers discover Nebraska’s hidden gems, including: museums, parks, restaurants, wineries, retail stores, and more.

It’s easy to participate! Simply visit Passport stops + collect stamps + earn prizes! You can collect stamps from May 1 through September 30.

Feather River Vineyard

Feather River Vineyard gets Buffalo Bill’s Buffalo of Approval for its quiet atmosphere, great wine, and beautiful scenery. Located in the hills of the Southern Platte Valley, just south of North Platte, Feather River has been offering a variety of wines that reflect the character and history of the area’s geologic heritage since 2007. River and windblown sediment have created the mineral-rich soil of the region that nurtures vines that produce grapes of a distinctive quality.

The Cedar Room

The Cedar Room is the most unparalleled restaurant experience you have ever visited this far west of the Missouri River. With its unique atmosphere of modern meets rustic, guests feel cozy yet elegant all while eating from the delicious American Fusion Cuisine menu. Enjoy one of the many high-end alcoholic beverages from a master Mixologist available in the dining room or in our comfortable Cocktail Lounge.

Buffalo Bill State Historical park

Home of famed showman scout William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park at North Platte recaptures the life and career of the famed Pony Express rider, Army scout and buffalo hunter-turned-showman. Since it became a state historical park in 1965, the house and barn have been restored and a wealth of Cody memorabilia has been acquired and placed on display. The mansion is open to the public for self-guided tours from late spring until early fall.

At each Nebraska Passport stop participants visit they receive a stamp, either in a Nebraska Passport booklet or a digital stamp on the Nebraska Passport App. It is acceptable for an individual to collect stamps in both the booklet and the app and submit all their stamps for prizes.

Collect stamps at some or all of the destinations! Participants then turn in their stamps and receive prizes.

There is no fee to participate in the Nebraska Passport program. There is no purchase necessary to receive Passport stamps at the Passport stops.

Passports are available at any Passport Destination or can be picked up at the North Platte Visitor Center at 101 Halligan Drive. You can also download the Passport App at the Apple Store or Google Play Store.