North Platte has been central to the transcontinental Railroad since it has existed. From the hell on wheels days of laying track across the prairie to the present as home of Bailey Yard, the world’s largest rail yard, the trains have been running through here.

Cody Park Railroad Museum

North Platte is a fantastic destination for people who love trains and the railroad. The Cody Park Railroad Museum is one of the reasons why. This hands-on museum gets Buffalo Bill’s Buffalo of Approval for having the only Challenger 3900 series steam locomotive on public display in the world. Number 3977 is not only on display, you can actually climb... View On Map

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Golden Spike Tower

Anyone who’s ever loved the railroad or been interested in trains will instantly understand why the Golden Spike Tower gets Buffalo Bill’s Buffalo of Approval. The tower offers the best view in the world of the world’s largest rail yard, the Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard, where every day approximately 10,000 railcars are sorted and sent on to their next destination.... View On Map

North Platte Rail Days

Where would you expect to find the greatest rail celebration in the world? Why, at the home of the world’s largest rail yard! The Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center invites you to North Platte to experience our incredible railroad heritage held annually in early August. Rail Days is the one and only time throughout the year when visitors can... View On Map

Sutherland Railroad Park

Located just 25 miles west of North Platte the village of Sutherland offers great train viewing for any interested railroad fan. Located between Highway 30 and the main Union Pacific line, one of the busiest freight corridors in the world, Sutherland’s railroad park offers a great place to view passing trains. A pedestrian overpass spans the Union Pacific Railroad tracks,... View On Map

Trains Up Close

If you want to see trains up close (but not too close, safety first) there are numerous options throughout North Platte and Lincoln County. Trains can be viewed from roads, parks, and pedestrian walkways that give rail fans a great view and photo opportunities.

Union Pacific Bailey Yard

Union Pacific Railroad’s Bailey Yard in North Platte, Nebraska, is the largest railroad classification yard in the world. It was named in honor of former Union Pacific President Edd H. Bailey. This massive yard covers 2,850 acres, reaching a total length of eight miles, well beyond the borders of North Platte, a community of 25,000 citizens. Put end-to-end, Bailey Yard’s... View On Map