Birding & Wildlife

Birding & Wildlife

Sitting at the juncture of the North and South Platte Rivers and surrounded by rolling hills, valleys and farmland it’s no wonder that the area around North Platte has been a haven for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts for years.

Birding Drives

Because of the varied geography of the area around North Platte there are some stunning drives that will give you wonderfully diverse nature and bird viewing opportunities. You can check out some of our planned routes or just set off down the road in search of new sights and sounds.

Prairie Chickens

There’s more to birding in the area around North Platte than the annual Sandhill Crane migration. Every spring during the early morning hours a lucky few people will witness the mating dance of the Greater Prairie Chicken. The sound and sight of the annual spring rite of passage of the Prairie Chicken is a must-see for dedicated nature lovers. Their...

Sandhill Cranes

Each year several hundred thousand Sandhill Cranes will spend six weeks in the Platte River valley near North Platte on their way to their nesting grounds in the north. The Cranes will feed, loaf and dance in the crop fields and meadows. The spectacular Dance of the Sandhill Crane is something that can’t be experienced in a viewing blind on...