My fourth of July weekend and the beauty in Nebraska

Happy July everyone!

There are just a few things that I wanted to share today about my fourth of July weekend, so it won’t take long!

First of all, fireworks are legal here! Now that may not seem like a big deal to you Nebraskans, but in Iowa fireworks are illegal! Now of course there are some people that break the law and go across borders to buy fireworks and light them off in Iowa. But I was never apart of that.

Friday night I went out on a drive to look at some scenery and take some sunset pictures. I actually ended up in Kansas, that was my bad. But by the time I got back to North Platte, it was about 10:30 at night. Driving down highway 83 and interstate 80, there were people setting off fireworks on either side of the road. It was like a garden of fireworks all around. It was beautiful! I have never seen anything like it. That was probably the highlight of my five hour drive, getting to see my own little fireworks show. I didn’t even have to get off the road.

Saturday, I went down to Nelson and watched some sand volleyball. During the games, there were a few people setting off some fireworks, which I still don’t get why people do so during the day. I wasn’t paying attention to them, and all of the sudden there was one huge boom about 20 yards away from me. And holy cow did I almost wet my pants it was so loud. I am not used to people lighting off fireworks, especially so close to me.

I now understand why they are illegal in Iowa, to keep people safe. People like me who  don’t want to get their face blown off. But I also understand why they are legal in Nebraska (only for about a week), so people can just blow stuff up and get it out of their systems, without giving out tickets. It is also a good medium, not illegal during this time of year, but illegal the rest of the year. Makes sense to me.

Who here uses interstate 80 to get places? 1… 2… 3… okay pretty much everybody. I am fully guilty of this when I am trying to get home as fast as possible. 10 hour drives by myself are not the most fun thing in the world. I understand why people use I80. But after my five hour adventure on Friday where I accidently ended up in Kansas, I now see the Nebraska beauty. (Nebraska as in the state, I still am not a fan of the cornhuskers…)

I took 25 south all the way into Kansas, and 83 back north into North Platte. And the drive was just breathtaking. And it’s not just cornfields, but rolling hills as well. Every few miles it went from farm lands to hills full of grass, animals and beauty, and then back to farm lands.

I urge everyone to take a camera and just take a stroll through the countryside, take the back roads to work, go on an adventure. The beauty in the land it something that words cannot describe.

I80 gets you from point A to point B. Next time, try a different way, you just might be surprised what Nebraska has to offer.

Miss Rodeo Nebraska and Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska were crowned, the Buffalo Bill Rodeo winners pocketed cash for their winnings, the kids collected candy and toys at the parade, Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line performed in front of thousands of fans, leading up to the end of Nebraskaland Days.

Monday started off the week with the kid’s parade. Children of all ages dressed up as their favorite princess, superhero, cowboy, etc. and walked streets of North Platte. From the looks of it, the most popular costume among the kids was, of course, Elsa from the movie Frozen. This is a great event for the kids as they get to be that star of the show.

Tuesday was a great day for riding sheep! Muttin’ Bustin’ took place at the Wild West Arena and about 100 kids showed off their sheep ridingskills. Friends and family sat in the stands and watched their little ones go. Some were able to hang while the sheep ran, and others barely made it out of the gate. Some of the kids had a hard fall, making the audience watching jump out of their seats, but, Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska and Miss Rodeo Nebraska were out on the grounds, consoling the kids who took a tumble. This is another great event for the kids as they can be a rodeo superstar for day.

Wednesday a new event was kicked off. Cowboy Kickball started off with a bang, with 10 teams that signed up to play. Mid Plains Community College, the North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau, Nebraskaland National Bank, Great Western Bank are just a few of those who participated. It’s safe to say that the new event was a success and many will be looking forward to it next year, silently building up the rivalries.

IMG_2626Thursday night was for the 21 and older crowd. Taps and Tunes teamed up with Nebraska tourism to bring in beer and wine made only in Nebraska. There were 23 different beers from 10 different breweries and plenty of wine from 3 wineries all over the state of Nebraska. Not only was this event for those who like to try new things, but it also gave light upon the Nebraskan breweries and wineries.

Friday night was one to remember.  Will Hoge opened up for Thomas Rhett on the first night of the 2015 Summer Jam Concert Series and country music fans showed up from all over Nebraska, and even some from out of state, to see this concert. The arena may not have been at full capacity, but the crowd had the heart and soul for Thomas Rhett, and there is no doubt that he put on a fantastic show and even came back out for a three song encore.

Saturday was the second and last night of the 2015 Summer Jam Concert Series. Colt Ford opened up for the headliner, Florida Georgia Line. The arena was at full capacity with about 13,000 people. Although it was a mere 95 degrees, Florida Georgia Line did not disappoint, leaving fans wanting more. Despite the  heat and the crowd, it didn’t stop people from having a good time.

Right before the concert started on Saturday, the Nebraskaland Days executive director, David Fudge, revealed next year’s headliners.  Sam Hunt and Dierks Bentley will be here for all of the fun next year, hopefully for another record breaking crowd.

The Lincoln County Historical Museum also hosted the Heritage Festival; which included a working antique farm show, cowboy fast draw, live music, and even a beard growing contest. Although the event was only for two days, it was very popular for those who enjoy history and museums.

It was another great year for Nebraskaland Days, now to start the countdown for next year! Starting on June 16, 2016, next year’s festivities only 352 days away, or 11 months and 17 days, and the prep starts now…

Welcome to Nebraskaland Days!

The first week of the festival is over already and it was a hit! North Platte and surrounding communities hosted everything from The Miss Rodeo Nebraska competition to the Buffalo Bill Rodeo and everything in between.

Even though the official start of Nebraskaland Days was on Wednesday, activities kicked off on Sunday with the Miss Rodeo Nebraska pageant. Royalty from all over the country showed up to help kick off the competition, which officially started that Sunday with the horsemanship part of the competition. Later, steak sandwiches were served at the BBQ, and the girls were honored. Not only were the contestants there, but royalty from all over the country were in house, as well. Miss Rodeo Iowa, Idaho, Florida, Virginia, and even Miss Rodeo America came to help celebrate.

Over the next few days the girls competed in the speech competition and style show, leading up to the Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2016 Coronation. In which Emily Taylor was crowned Miss Rodeo Nebraska, and Taytum Dickman was crowned Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska.


Halee Kohmetscher, Miss Ogallala Roundup Rodeo Princess


Kristin Kohmetscher, Miss Burwell Rodeo

Among the royalty were Kristin and Halee Kohmetscher. The two sisters hold two different titles of rodeo royalty for the year. Kristin, 23, holds the Miss Burwell Rodeo crown. She was also Miss Teen Nebraska in 2008. And Halee, 15, holds the Miss Ogallala Roundup Rodeo Princess crown.

Halee showed up to the Miss Rodeo Nebraska style show, in a previously worn gown. “This is actually the dress that Kristin worse when she was Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska, so I am letting it out of the closet,” said Halee. Halee is currently attending Blue Hill High School and plans on being a veterinary technician.

Because school is important, Kristin doesn’t plan on taking a year off for any titles just yet. “I am thinking about running for Miss Rodeo Nebraska, but I am just trying to finish school at this point. I don’t want to have to take a year off if I were crowned,” Kristin is attending UNL to become a veterinarian.

Tuesday was also a starter for Nebraskaland Days. The Melvin, Swanson, Halligan Memorial steer wrestling was held in Sutherland, and a demolition derby took place at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

But Wednesday was the real kick off to the Nebraskaland Days festival. It was the first day of the Buffalo Bill Rodeo. Bull riding, bareback 12riding, steer wrestling, tie-down roping, saddle bronc riding, team roping, and barrel racing were all events that got the rodeo started.

Each night the rodeo continued, more and more fans showed up and crowd got louder and louder. There were fans from all over the states, but of course the Nebraskans held down the house. The favorite chant for the crowd was “Go Big Red.”

The Buffalo Bill Rodeo continued through Saturday night.

Friday, Sculley’s Shooters hosted the Lunch with the Wild Bunch. The North Platte DOUGFChamber hostesses served lunch. The cakes were also there from the cake bake, along with the winning cakes. Doug Fiene of the Sowers Club, Lincoln, NE, was a part of the team that won the cake bake. “It’s fun to come out here every year and participate in a great festival. We will be in the parade on Saturday and have about 3,000 Frisbees to throw out,” Fiene stated.

Also at the lunch were the Nebraskaland Day’s board members, and the Cody Calvary, which consists of past and current Nebraskaland Day’s board members.

While the Pavilion Party featuring Grass Fire finished off the week on Saturday night after the rodeo, Nebraskaland Days on Parade was the beginning to the end of the week. Over 130 groups walked in the parade, many throwing out candy or other fun things for the kids.

While the first week is over, another is just beginning. This week includes:

Monday: Kids Costume Parade, Family Night, and the Wild West Challenge races.
Tuesday: Kids Fun Festival, Muttin’ Bustin’
Wednesday: Cowboy Kickball, Heart of America Show Carnival
Thursday: Taps and Tunes, Heart of America Show Carnival, N’Route Music Series
Friday: Heart of America Show Carnival, Summer Jam Series with Thomas Rhett and Will Hoge
Saturday: Heritage Festival, Heart of America Show Carnival, Summer Jam Series with Florida Georgia Line and Colt Ford
Sunday: Carriage Driving Contest, Heritage Festival, John Harshfield Memorial Tractor Rodeo

Stop by our office to get a full Nebraskaland Days schedule, purchase concert tickets, or even to just use the bathroom! See you soon!

Buffalo Bill Rodeo

Happy Saturday North Platte! It’s been a few weeks but I am ready to dive back in!

Today I made my way over to the Honky Tonk BBQ downtown. I wasn’t really expecting much, as I just went to the Iowa Arts Festival in Iowa City, but I was fairly surprised. There were a decent amount of vendors. It stretched across two or three blocks downtown. There was more than just food vendors, but also businesses, a kids zone, and even a stage for performances.
Unfortunately I forgot to take cash with me, so I wasn’t able to eat any of the BBQ, but it did smell delicious. There was a voting station, as the BBQ vendors were competing for the best BBQ. Aside from the competition, it look like the kids were having a ton of fun.

Yesterday I got to participate in a tweet chat. TravelerFun was asking questions, and I was replying as the VisitNorthPlatte page, posting the actives that both North Platte and Lincoln County has to offer. It was a great experience! I can’t wait to do it again. We are going to participate in another one on Friday, so be sure to tune in or even answer some questions yourself!

Also, I got to go out to Lake Maloney yesterday to get some pictures for our new kiosks. It was grey outside, but the lake was still breathtaking. I was dying to get in, but because I had other places to go, I just put my feet in at the end of a dock. The water was perfect. I am dying to get back out there and actually do some water activities. Both Lake Maloney and Jeffers Lake are a sight to see for yourself. Definitely worth the drive over here to take a look, and even dive on in for some fun in the sun, or under some grey clouds! But don’t forget the sunscreen!

We’ll see you guys next week as Nebraskaland Days is right around the corner! I am planning on going to the Miss Rodeo Nebraska events, the demolition derby, the concerts and some other events.

Good afternoon fellow bloggers!

There are just a few quick things I wanted to hit on today, so it won’t take long!


#1 Why is EVERYONE a Nebraska-Lincoln fan?

I’m sure there are other big universities here? Creighton, University of Nebraska-Omaha, Bellevue? Anyone?




Go Iowa Hawkeyes…


#2 It has rained every single day since I have been here.

I’ve been here since last Monday, so ten days. And it has rained. Every. Day. Maybe not during the day, but at one time or another in a twenty four hour period it has dribbled or poured rain. I’m ready for the summer sunshine. It’s almost June.



Historical church at the Lincoln County Historical Museum

#3 I am impressed with the Lincoln County Historical Museum

I love museums, and I always have. My siblings would curse me for asking to do something educational during vacations. They hated me for it, but I loved it. And for this one being as small as it is on the inside, it is packed with so many different things. I got to learn about the North Platte Canteen, the popcorn ball marriage, and even how the WWII soldiers were able to tell the countries apart from their helmets. It was a very cool place and I will be going back for a full tour. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t been, or who hasn’t been lately, to go.


#4 I am getting unreasonably excited for NEBRASKAland Days

I am told to hide from the tourists, but I think some people are just over exaggerating. I have been looking through the brochure and some of the activities that go on during the festival seem like so much fun. Aside from the obvious attractions like Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, and the Buffalo Bill Rodeo, there are other events that would be just as much fun! Things like Splatterbox Laser Tag, Root Beer Floats and Water slides, even a cake bake. And to whoever thought of cowboy kickball, thank you.

But seriously pick up a brochure and take a look at all of the things that are going on!


#5 Is it going to stop raining anytime soon?



Also, I will be headed home this weekend for my little brother’s high school graduation and some family birthdays! See you in a few weeks North Platte community!


Last but not least: I am sending out thoughts and prayers to the Lord above to look over those teens that were lost in the river. I will keep the friends and families in my prayers, stay strong.

Hello again! This past week has been filled with so many fun things to and to talk about. I went north of Sutherland up into the sandhills and got some awesome pictures of cows, the Bubble Bash was a blast to photograph (what a mouthful!), and I got to enjoy some awesome local Mexican food!



Murphy the golden retriever


A cow mooing

First off, the trip up into the sandhills was amazing. It is a 22 thousand square mile land of stabilized sand dunes. There is just so much open land, and even more cows! There were copious amounts of cows, prairie dogs, antelope, turkeys, birds, and even some cowboys walking the roads on their horses. But the neat thing about the sandhills is that the land is basically one big sandbox. But you would never know it. It is covered in grass that actually grows on the sand. Like what? To me this is just crazy. Who knew that grass, trees and other plants could grow in sand? We stopped and I got some pictures of the cows, and of course Murphy, the golden retriever that I am staying with for the summer. I would highly recommend a trip up into the sandhills. Take some lunch, a camera, and a buddy because you are going to want to see this.


Sunday after church I splurged and went out to eat. I wanted to try something local. And I picked the right place. La Hacienda is rated the number two place to eat in North Platte on TripAdvisor, I thought it would be worth the try. La Hacienda is a cute little Mexican eatery in the downtown area. It was a little hard to see; the only signs they have are the ones that are on the building, but the restaurant is perpendicular and in the suite furthest away, so you would have to look very hard to find it. This wasn’t a problem for me because I was hungry!


Flauntas at La Hacienda

I was there probably right at open, which is 11am. I was kind of disappointed with the chips because they were pretty cold rather than being warm. My family always gets a bowl of queso dip beforehand, so of course I had to try theirs out. The salsa and queso were pretty darn okay. They were not bad by any means, but I’ve had better.  But for it being in western Nebraska it is probably going to be the best you can buy.


Chips a queso at La Hacienda

When I go out to Mexican restaurants I always get the same dish. Flauntas. Which is basically a bigger version than taquitos. Now I might be biased, but seriously I have tried flauntas everywhere I go and the best place I have had them are at Villa’s Patio in Marion, Iowa. La Hacienda is a great contender though. They had juicy chicken and were fried perfectly. The ends were the crispiest part, as always, but the middle parts had a flaky outside and a fluffy interior. This is pretty bold to me (not that I am a Mexican food expert or anything) but all of the other flauntas I have eaten were crispy throughout. So it was nice to try it differently than other ones. The best part about flauntas is that they can be dipped in almost anything. I usually just eat them with lettuce and sour cream, but the fluffiness of the interior led me to dip it into both the queso and the salsa. Holy yummy. This was probably the best decision I made all day. No joke. The queso gave the essence of melted cheese, which is always a good thing, and the salsa gave them the lime taste. It was basically a Mexican fiesta in my mouth.

Now besides my food, the atmosphere was just okay. The music sounded like it came from an old western/Mexican themed cartoon that Disneyland would play to their guest while waiting in line for Splash Mountain. So yeah.


“Don’t touch the bubbles!”

Later on Sunday was the Bubble Bash. I was deemed official photographer for the event, so of course I had fun! I got to watch so many little kids dance around and play in bubbles and see people run through giant bubble walls. I took 1,300 pictures during the event. That alone just tells you how many people were there and things were going on. My favorite part was watching parents push their kids in strollers through the bubble wall at the end of the run. The event was a success as $5,000 was raised!


I have to add another funny thing about this place.

I was driving to the visitor’s bureau today for work and I pass an alfalfa field on my way there. All the sudden a turkey pops up out of nowhere. Full feathers out and everything. So I kind of slow down to see it, and then about ten more turkeys pop up. But just their heads, like they were peeking over the wall of plants to see what was going on. It was so funny I almost had to completely stop my car just to keep from going in the river.


This Thursday evening is the North Platte Children’s Museum’s fundraiser, the Twisted Fork. And boy am I excited. There are going to be local chefs there who are bringing their twisted version of their favorite childhood snack/meal. It is $35 to get in, and for all of the 21 and overs out there, there will be a cash bar. It’s at 6pm and a live auction will take place at 7:30pm. So bring your cash, checkbook, and ticket, because this is something that you will not want to miss.

Tickets are available at the museum or at Nebraskaland Bank locations.


And one last thing, are you following us on social media?? I’ve been posting so many neat things that are worth checking out. So keep up with us! The links are at the top of the page!

Today is day number three into my internship. And let me tell you something, it has been going by so fast already! I hope this just means I am having fun and that time flying is a good thing. I have only been here since Monday afternoon, and I have already done so many things on the job. What do you know, my teacher was right, everything we learned in class, I used in the first three days of work. So kids, pay attention in school.

Anyways, there are several things I would like to hit on today. 1) Things I find funny in the area 2) The Espresso Shoppe and 3) The Bubble Bash.

So here we go.

1) Funny things…

For starters, I think it is just absolutely hilarious that tumbleweeds actually fly across the roads. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the city but I know country living (for the most part). In Iowa, I have never seen an actual tumbleweed fly across the road. It is just something that I would envision in a western cartoon, but no, they’re real. Who knows, maybe I’m just not in the right place to see them in Iowa.

Also, the drivers here really do make me laugh out loud. I got honked at for stopping at a yellow light. I’m sorry, but as far as I’m concerned yellow means slow down and stop, not press the gas and hope I don’t get a red-light ticket. I don’t know if it’s the area or if that one person just really had to go to the bathroom, but I like to follow the rules of the road.

What’s with the radio stations? As much as I love the country stations back in Cedar Rapids/Marion, the stations out here are way better. Within the first ten minutes of coming off of the interstate, my presets on my radio were already preset. If country isn’t doing it for me, there is always a great throwback song on another station. If there is one thing that I like the most about Lincoln County so far, it would be the radio stations.

Last but not least, why is there not a Target in the area? Target is my homebase, my mothership, my worship temple. Where am I supposed to waste time now? (Hint; Netflix)


2) The Espresso Shoppe


Yes, I took off the tomato…

Today I had my first taste of local food at the Espresso Shoppe. And boy, was I impressed. I ordered a ham panini, which came with chips, and a Heath ‘chiller.’ For starters, as part of the rules, I must tell the truth, so will. I almost forgot to take a picture of my food before I shoved the panini into my mouth, and that right there means something. I’m that annoying person who has more food pictures than selfies on their phone. And I am darn proud of that. If I forget, I must be really intrigued in the food.

Anyways, when I took my first bite, I was overwhelmed with the taste of yummy goodness. I got an even bite of ciabatta bread, ham, provolone cheese (? don’t quote me on that), and what tasted like an onion and chive cream cheese. And the good Lord knows how much I love my cream cheese. So having that on the sandwich was a good surprise. I paired that with the good pick of mesquite bbq kettle chips and a Heath ‘chiller.’

Now let me tell you something about the ‘chiller.’ It was just as good as the onion and chive cream cheese, but sweeter, obviously. It is comparable to a Starbucks frappuccino, or a McDonald’s frappe, but not comparable (That doesn’t make sense does it?). It is modeled after that realm of coffee, but the Heath takes it up another notch. I would pass up my usual venti peppermint mocha frappuccino with extra coffee and no whip cream just for another small Heath ‘chiller.’ That’s how good this little, sweet delight is.     P.S. I’m still sipping on it…melted…

Highly recommend this little shoppe to anyone in town, and any people traveling through.

This is also where open mic night is held every couple of weeks. So enjoy the live entertainment


3) The Bubble Bash


Muriel Clark of North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau and Kent Winder of KNOP T.V.

Coming up this Sunday is the Bubble Bash 5k. I am that person who will do anything, and I mean almost anything, to get out of running a 5k. But apparently you don’t have to run. So count me in.

Muriel Clark and I stopped into the KNOP T.V. station today to talk about it live. Okay, let’s be clear. I watched her on live T.V. If I went on live T.V. I could just think of all the embarrassing things that would happen. A camera would fall on me, I would repeat the same thing over and over, or (the most real possibility) I would mess up and just alway with my palm to my face, trying not to cry.

But all seriousness, it was pretty cool to see this happen live. Who knows, maybe someday I could be working in a place like that. ( Not on T.V.)

If weather permits, don’t forget to giddy on up to the Bubble Bash this sunday. The fun will be real and half of the ticket sales will go to charity. So make sure to come on out, whether you are running or not, I’m sure it will be fun to watch people.

To register, hit up the home page, there’s a link first thing on the page.


What’s the next restaurant I should try?

Email me at

Check out my website to learn more about me and past projects I have done in school!

Hi guys, my name is Kiersten Kiene. I am from Marion, Iowa and graduated from Marion High School in 2013. I now attend Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, Iowa and will graduate from the Digital Mass Communications program in the spring of 2016. I am here for the summer working for the North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau, focusing on digital media.

I have been to Nebraska before, but never in North Platte. I am excited to get to know the town and attend some of the summer events.
One of the reasons why I came to North Platte is to help extend the tourism desire in and around the community. There are many ways that this can be done, one of the things that I would like to focus on is local community attractions that you can’t find anywhere else. When I travel, I like to explore places that I have never been and do things that I cannot do at home. I feel like this is a goal that many travelers would, and do have.
Personally, when I travel I always look ahead. Before I even leave, I explore the town/city on the internet, finding the best places to dine, see, and do. I read reviews, blogs, and look at the pictures that people have posted. Why would I want to try something that nobody likes, or do something that is a waste of money? The key to finding good places is at your fingertips, use the internet as a travel tool.
While I am in North Platte, there are several things that I would like to try. Now of course I am going to go to Nebraskaland days, check out the Golden Spike Tower, and all of the other traditional sightseeing things in town. But as an outsider, my goal is to help bring in other outsiders, putting the town on the must-go tourist map.
Being from Marion, I am very passionate about my hometown. I believe that Marion is one of the best places that a family can settle down while still hitting up all of the events in the area. And this is how the North Platte area feels about their hometowns. We all have a special bond tying us to home and our hometown. So I feel that if tourists and travelers get to know about the town better from somebody who is also a tourist and a traveler, North Platte and the surrounding communities could bring in more people and revenue.
Public Lands Featured ImageI drove here from Fort Dodge, Iowa, which is about a seven hour drive. I split this up into two days, giving me plenty of time to dream up some goals for my internship this summer. Some of these goals will go hand in hand with the job, others will be extra time spent.
Rather than making myself seem as though I am in love with the town from day 1 (which isn’t realistic), I want my readers see my journey from day one into North Platte, to my last day on the job. I want the community members, Nebraskans, and tourists and travelers to live this journey with me. I want to be able to share my experiences through the use of blogging. Therefore I must set some rules, and some goals.


1. I must post a blog once a week. (Sun – Sat)
Because I do not have a set 9 – 5 schedule, there are going to be times when I am at events, and cannot blog. This does not mean that I will not blog, it simply means that I will at a later time. As long as I get one in in the Sunday through Saturday timeframe, it counts.
2. I must tell the truth.
My goal is to help shine light on North Platte and the surrounding communities, and bring attention to the lesser known places. I want to share my experiences with others, so that when travelers do come to North Platte, they can experience the same thing that I did. As for restaurants in particular, I will tell the truth of what I thought in a decent manner, and I will keep class while doing so. I am not here to beat up everyplace that I go to. That is not my goal.


1. As per restaurants, I would like to try local places. Now there are some places here that are regional or chain based that I have not been too, but the point of this summer is to keep the focus on the North Platte area, therefore that I wil. I will not be reviewing Perkins, I’ve seen Perkins on every interstate exit on the way over here.
2. Visit places that make North Platte, well, North Platte. Example: the Veteran’s Memorial, or Dusty Trails.
3. When reviewing attractions, restaurants, etc. There will be a sort of outline that will be used. And when the time comes, the outline will be stated.
4. Enjoy my time. It’s as simple as that.


Cody Go-Karts_RNeibelWith this being my first time in the area, If there are any other goals you think I should set or places that I need to see, just send me an email and I might just add it onto my list. I am open for ideas and suggestions any time of day.

Junktoberfest 2015JunktoberFest is a vintage and artisan market that will be held in North Platte’s D & N Event Center, 501 E. Walker Road on April 25 and 26. Saturday hours are 9am to 6pm and Sunday hours are 11am to 3pm.

You can find more information about JunktoberFest on their Facebook page.

OrourkeThe James O’Rourke Memorial Triathlons, based in North Platte, are a group of open, inclusive events that provide athletes at every skill level the opportunity to participate in the sport of triathlon.

The event offers three divisions – Competitive, for experienced athletes; Fitness, for triathletes who are getting started on their journey; and Relay, which allows teams of three to share the triathlon experience. In addition, specially-tailored triathlon events for children are offered. The triathlons begin and end at the North Platte Recreation Center, located at 1300 South McDonald Road in North Platte.

For more information or to register for the event, visit their website: James O’Rourke Memorial Triathlon.