Nebraska Passport Showcase: Lincoln County Historical Museum

Seeing is believing at North Platte’s Lincoln County Historical Museum. When it comes to the wonder of days gone by, seeing is believing. These stops bring the marvelsof Nebraska’s past to life for the entertainment of history buffs and casual fans. Come listen to the stories of key figures and important events that changed the course of history. The Oregon, Mormon, and California trails all ran through North Platte. The Pony Express, Transcontinental Telegraph, Transcontinental Railroad, and First Transcontinental Air Mail Flight all came right through the front yards of North Platte and Lincoln County residents. One of North Platte’s proudest legacies is the North Platte Canteen, which served 6 million troops during World War II. You’ll find these stories and more including the long agricultural tradition of the area, and a wonderful Native American and Pioneer history. The Pawnee, Arapaho, and Sioux all called this area home and there is a large collection of Native American artifacts on display. You can pick up your Passport at any Passport location or the North Platte / Lincoln County Visitors Bureau at 315 W. Eugene Ave., North Platte, NE Y


ou can find a full description of the Nebraska Passport Program online at When you visit any of the attractions listed in the passport, get you passport stamped. There are two places for stamps – one next to the attraction name in the passport (that’s for you to keep) and one on the prize-entry sheet tucked in the back (that’s what you’ll redeem for prizes.) You’re eligible for prizes for each completed tour as well as for totals of 20 and 40 stamps. At each prize level, you will also be entered into a grand-prize drawing for an iPad mini. An additional drawing for 300 $1 Nebraska Lottery Scratch tickets will be held for all participants 19 years of age or older who turn in passports with at least one stamp. After your travels are completed and you’ve collected as many stamps as possible, it’s time to claim your prize(s). Simply mail the prize-entry sheet to: Nebraska Tourism Commission, Attn: 2013 Nebraska Passport, PO Box 98907, Lincoln, NE 68509. 5 MONTHS, 10 TOURS, 80 STOPS … WHAT WILL YOUR ADVENTURE BE?